After School Enrichment Program

Our After School Enrichment Program has been developed for over 15 years with love, care, and attention to your child's needs.

The foundation for success begins early in life, and we strive to equip your child with the tools necessary to advance beyond their peers to suceed in today's competitive world. Our program focuses on building good study habits in addition to reinforcing the lessons taught to your child at school.
We understand the importance of good work ethic for your childs' future!

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The program includes:

  • Lunch and Snack: Home made organic or all natural meal tow times
  • Homework preparation in small groups with teacher's assistance and proofreading
  • Reading Club
  • Math Tutoring, in addition to daily homework
  • Professional help with school projects
  • Computer lab with educational programs (spelling, math, chess, etc)
  • Art lessons with highly professional teachers
  • Play ground
  • Optional:
  • Music lessons
  • Chess class
  • Russian Language

After School day starts with a meal from fresh organic & all-natural ingredients, to give students time to relax and unwind from the pressures of their classes. After they are fed and rested, our team of professional, certified teachers reviews the homework assigned to each student individually. Through working one-on-one with each student, we develop a personalized approach which allows us to cater to individual learning styles and reinforce the day's lessons.

Extra focus is given to the problem areas of individual students; we help our students avoid developing weaknesses for any particular subject, which can result in poor grades due to subject aversion. Our goal is to give our students the tools they need to become proactive learners who see difficulty as a challenge to overcome, rather than avoid.

After completing their assignments, our students take a well deserved study-break in order to play, interact with their friends, and eat a light, healthy snack. Once they've had time to play, our students begin their art lessons. Numerous studies have shown that children who study art tend to do better at school in academic subjects. Our art lessons focus on developing creativity and building confidence through self-expression, empowering our students to develop the skills that will set them apart from their peers. We focus on giving our students not only a well-rounded education, but also the personal skills they need in order to succeed.

Our students success has proven that our student-centered methodology brings results. Up 70% of students who participated in our program have been evaluated as gifted or highly gifted by their schools afterwards.

We are not just After School Program - We are Family!

Hours: 12:30 - 6:00 pm
Individual days and weeks options are available
Meals and 1 hour art lesson are included.

Full time: $170 per week
Part time: $40 per day
Siblings discount: $25 per child per week
Art materials fee: $50 per semester (optional)

We accept CCRC!

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