Digital Art Classes

Computer skills became a necessity in the 21st century, and artists are not an exception! Our Digital Art program is designed to meet the growing demand for technical proficiency. Recommended for High School and college students as a preparation to University-level art programs, for busy adults who want to learn at their own pace, and anyone who wants to master new skills!

The classes are held in small group sessions, which allows for personalized approach and leaves no questions unanswered. First session includes an orientation interview, which helps us to design a custom program that best suits your needs, goals and learning style. Learn digital art skills:

  • Digital Photography (color correction, photo re-touching, cleanups, lightning and more!) Great for personal photo albums, social media and professional resume profiles!
  • Graphic Design - create your professional letterhead, resume, business card, and much more!
  • Digital Illustration and Animation - great supplement to graphic design projects. Recommended for students who have intermediate to advanced drawing skills
  • Video Editing - capture the memories in your graduation, wedding or anniversary videos. We teach storytelling from filming to final cut and special effects. (Video camera, tripod and hard drive are required)
  • Web Design - create your personal website, blog, or professional portfolio online! Great for reaching out to potential clients and promoting your artistic skills!

And much more!

Software includes, but is not limited to:
Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Dreamweaver, InDesign, Final Cut Pro, After Effects

Featured Student: Amir Sharipov

Meet the instructor

Anya Zinoveva, MA, PMP

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