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Art classes in Tarzana

Art classes in Tarzana

Art classes in Tarzana


Golden Key Art is a private art school that offers professional art training for all ages. We emphasize an individual approach based on student's personality and areas of interest. While we focus on creativity, imagination and self-expression, we also provide students with solid academic art training.


At Golden Key Art we encourage students to try the variety of art technics and styles that will help them to discover themselves and build their own identity (unique style, vision). We gradually build student's academic art skills while they explore different mediums and creative ideas. Golden Key Art academic art training is based on the best traditions of Russian academic school. We believe that creativity and skills accompany each other, and our art program is designed to develop them equally.


  • Our academic art program has been developed over the course of 20 years of research and observation of the relationship between the solid professional art training and creative self-expression
  • We start professional art training with the 3 year old children
  • Our approach is based on the individual needs and personality of the student
  • We offer both private and group lessons for the students
  • We cover a variety of mediums ranging from traditional oil painting to digital art
  • We offer the course of art history for the kids starting 5 year old, and we combine the theory with the practical application of the acquired knowledge, encouraging students to utilize the things that they learned
  • Our classes are conducted in a relaxing setting, accompanied by classical music

Art classes in Tarzana  Art classes in Tarzana
  • Painting: (acrylic, oils, watercolor)
  • Drawing (ink, charcoal, pencil, pastel)
  • Linocut
  • Composition
  • Computer Art
  • Art History
  • Russian Language
  • Math

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Golden Key Art school offers art classes in Tarzana , CA. We are located on Ventura Blvd. near Encino. >>

We also offer After School Enrichment Program. Please contact us for more details.